About HTC

Healing the Children is perhaps the oldest and largest registered charitable organization focused single-mindedly on helping underserved children throughout the world to secure urgently needed medical assistance they otherwise are unable to obtain. Established in 1979, HTC has successfully helped over 240,000 children in over 95 countries to date, providing over $600 million of medical services via the healthcare professionals who volunteer and donate to Healing the Children.

Healing the Children is organized as an affiliation of separately incorporated local chapters (15 such chapters currently) and is predominately volunteer-based with only a handful of employees in some of the larger chapters to manage the logistical workload. Each chapter organizes the medical resources and healthcare professionals and local volunteers within their geographical areas around programs and specific projects that meet the needs of these stakeholders and the needs of international partners who have sought out HTC's collaboration. Current estimates are that approximately 700-1000 U.S. based volunteers and 50-75 international partners are involved in Healing the Children's programs and projects at any particular time.

With 15 local chapters, hundreds of compassionate and dedicated volunteers, the support of our many international partners and pediatric hospitals in the United States, Healing the Children has been making a real difference in the lives of children around the world since 1979.