Medical volunteers are needed for medical missions

Medical volunteers are needed both for local care and also for medical mission teams that travel abroad. To provide free care for those in our local communities and for children who might be brought from another country to the United States to receive specialized care, we rely on donated time and services.

We also need medical professionals to form medical mission teams to travel abroad for 1 week missions to provide free specialized care. We emphasize teaching and working with local medical professionals, but also try to bring down all of the specialists necessary to form a team similar to what we would do in the United States. These teams often are 20- 30 people. Currently as our emphasis is on cleft surgery missions, there is a need for surgeons, oral surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, CRNAs, AAs, anesthesia techs, OR nurses, recovery room nurses, scrub techs, speech therapists, audiologists, and pediatricians.

Our hope is to expand the reach of Healing the Children Rocky Mountains to multiple surgical, medical, and dental teams of various specialties. If you are interested in starting a new mission or new specialty, please let us know.

Interested medical volunteers, please click here to fill out a Medical Volunteer Form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

top-right: Pediatric anesthesia prepares for surgery. bottom-left: Lecture to local medical students.